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Glow for House Parties, Bowling Alleys & Anywhere with Black Lights

Of course, tweens & teens don't know that glow has been done before - they just think it is fun!  Parents earn an easy A when they plan a glow party for their kid's birthday.  Pick up a few UV lightbulbs from a local hardware store, switch out the bulbs in your homes' regular lamps, crank up the tunes and watch party guests have a great time.

Remember the 80’s?

Flash dance shirts & neon; break dancing,  boom boxes & Banana Rama—it’s all back in a big way! Former Calgary “new wavers” are dressing retro for their class of 1980...89 high school reunions as well as for theme parties.

UV Glow parties can also be a low key affair—such as a girl’s spa party—complete with glowing drinks, nail polish & glitter/UV tattoos.  

We have Glow Airbrush & Glitter Tattoos Too! 

Facial Expressions Calgary artists have been face & body painting as well as applying glow-in-the-dark glitter & airbrush tattoos at Calgary nightclubs since 2011.

Glow Runs & DIY Glow Paints/Glitter Tattoos

We recently painting over a hundred participants for a local fundraising Glow Run sponsored by YYC Datenight. yycisthebomb.com/events/exclusive-offer--glowrun