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There’s no such thing as too much glitter! 

Glitter Tattoos started as a popular body art service in European nightclubs & festivals. The Facial Expressions team of glitter tattoo artists now bring this trend to Calgary! Glitter Tattoos are applied by our Calgary-based artists who use cosmetic glue (the same kind clowns put their noses on with!) & cosmetic grade glitter.  It is very important that ONLY cosmetic grade glitter is used because, in contrast to craft glitter, ours is not made of metal & doesn’t have any sharp edges. 


Advantages of Glitter Tattoos

· Quick & easy (with stencils)

· Shorter & faster-moving line-ups

· Popular with teens & adults

· Water-proof & long-lasting

· Virtually wiggly kid-proof (with stencils

· Broad range of designs available 


Great for Nightclub Promos & Pool Parties

Because glitter tattoos are sparkly & glamorous—they are perfect for girl’s night’s out & stagettes.  Calgary night clubs can use the promise of a free glitter tattoo as a promotion to get customers through the door. 


Of course they are also a fantastic add–on activity at Pool Parties in backyards, recreation centres, & neighbourhood lakes because they are WATER-PROOF.  Glitter tattoos can last from 3—7 days depending on skin type, placement & care  


Endless Stencil Choices

Designs for glitter tattoos range from Ponies & Rockets to Hearts & Flames.  They are available in a huge array of colours—including UV reactive glitter which will glow under UV lights—perfect for Glow parties.  These feature make the glitter tattoos appealing to “big girls” as well as little boys & girls.