Benefits of our System

We are one of very few airbrush tattoo artists in Calgary who have invested in the European Body Art  ZeroG Airbrush Tattoo System. This Airbrush Tattoo system allows our Calgary airbrush tattoo artists to switch instantly between different kinds of liquid make-up (including waterproof, wash-off, & UV inks). As well, our airbrush artists can easily switch colours colours using only one airbrush tattoo nozzle. These features dramatically reduce the time required for set-up, cleaning & pack up. This is why our airbrush tattoo rates are so competitive compared with other Calgary airbrush tattoo artists.


Who wants an airbrush tattoo? 

Everyone likes Airbrush Tattoos for Parties!  This is a great service to provide at parties alongside our face painting service.  Moms, Dads & older siblings all have to stand in line waiting for a younger child to be face painted—so why not provide them with a few fake tattoos that they can enjoy when they reach the front of the line. 

Parents also love airbrush tattoos as an alternative to facepainting when the event is in the evening.  They don't have to worry about washing paint off an over-tired child who is already up past his/her bedtime.

Fast & Lasts
As well, the number of people who can be airbrushed is at least double the numbers who can be painted in the same time frame. Because the tattoos are waterproof, children can continue to enjoy them long after the party is over.  Of course, waterproof tattoos are perfect for pool & lake parties and for visits to spray parks. 

Lots of Choices
We have hundreds of different stencil designs & sizes to choose from. Because we use stencils, airbrush tattooing is virtually "wiggle-proof" - making them a great option for kids who have trouble sitting still.

Even grandma’s & grandpa’s have been known to sport fake tattoos — usually as a joke on an unsuspecting friend or spouse at home.  When done in a plain black ink—the airbrush tattoos can look quite real.